The Fun-line Bookstore

“A book is a dream that you hold in his/her hand.”
— Neil Gaiman

It is a well known saying that a book is a man’s best companion. Humans can make mentally and friendly relation with them. Good books enrich our mind with good thoughts and knowledge just like a good friend does. Books written by famous and experienced people help us to become a better human being and also teach us how to serve the society in the best possible way. When we are alone, we can always pick up a book and start reading to relax our mind. One can never feel lonely in the company of good books. The famous poet, Robert Southey, has beautifully called books as his never failing friends with whom he shares his thoughts and feelings everyday. Books always provide us the answer to the questions that are troubling us. Stephen King once said-‘ Books are uniquely portable magic’- books transport us to an entirely different place each time we read it. No matter how much stress you have at work, in his/her personal relationships, or countless other issues faced in daily life, it all just slips away when you lose yourself in a great story. A well-written novel can transport you to other realms, while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax. Reading books is a very good habit because when you read books you develop a strong concentration power. This develops a habit of reading and an ability to concentrate for very long hours. Books can be either categorized as fiction or non- fiction books. Within these two types there are various genres for the readers. Some of which are:

· Historical fiction

· Memoir

· Politics

· Adventure

· Self- help

· Religion and spirituality

· Sports and leisure, etc.

Covid-19 has hit us hard. People had to be confined at one place. Book reading is one of the best get-away for people. But isn’t it annoying when you cannot go out the library or the book store to read or buy your favorite book? We have a solution for you….. What if you get your favorite book delivered at your doorstep? We live in a technology driven world where all the several important things like food, travel, beauty etc. are just one click away from us. A project called The Fun-Line Bookstore is here for your help. There would be two types of users on this app — buyer and seller. One can buy both fresh copies or the second hand books on this app. This project provides online interface and the customers can easily place order of the books on just few clicks. We know with the help of online application the end users are enabled to register themselves to the system online, select the books of their own choice from the menu list, and order any book online. The cost at which the seller sells the book depends on the condition of the book. Once the customers form their account, they can see the list of books from the menu which will have different categories for the various genres of books. Customer can see the product details like the images, cost etc. He/ She can add/ delete products from the cart with quantity. Buyer will be able to pay online or use cash on delivery option according to his/ her convenience. The customer can see all his order history. The Fun-Line Book Store provides customers with online shopping through a web browser. A customer can, create, sign in to his account, place items into a shopping cart and purchase using his credit card details or the cash on delivery option.

Why is online book shopping important:

When the buyer shops online, he/she has the chance of accessing and going through the various buyers who have shopped from that store and review about the book they want to buy. This will give him/her a very good review about the book. He/She can also save his/her money, time and energy here. In this online bookstore, everyone will be offered discount coupons which will help the buyers to buy their favorite books at lower rates than the market prices. When you buy books online it will also help you know and access many books because as you browse through books you get to see more and more books which you might find interest in. You save a lot of time which would have been wasted wandering from one store to another if you were to shop at the conventional bookstore. Beside from that, there is no fixed time for online shopping. You can shop anytime. This is a huge plus point to people who are homebound due to the current situations of the world when it is not safe to step out and shop. The main motive of Fun-Line Bookstore is to provide the customers an essence of a book store via a simple yet a very convenient and attractive medium.

Some of the functionalities to be performed by the customer are as follows:

· Customer Registration: Any person can register to the app using the registration form.

· Customer Payment: This is the customer payment form where the customer will be able to make the payment.

· Customer order: This is the customer order form of the book.

· Customer order confirmation: This is the order confirmation form where the customer will be able to confirm his ordered item.

· Change password: This is the change password module where the customer can change his account password.

· A Home page with product catalog: This is the page where the user will be reach after a successful login. It will display the list of all the book categories and will have a search option to search for the desired book. It also includes some special sections like recommended titles, weekly special books, etc.

· User Voting: The user will be given an opportunity to rate the book based on his interest. He/She can rate it by giving an A+ grade for Excellent, A for very good, B+ for good, B for average and C for unsatisfactory. The final rating of a book will depend on all the individual user rating.

The technology to be used for this project is as follows:

· HTML: HTML will be used for page layout

· CSS: CSS for all the designing part

· JavaScript: JavaScript for the validation tasks and animations

· Python: Python for the implementation of all the business logic

· Django: Project to be developed over the Django framework

We can configure this project on the following operating system:

· Windows: This project can be easily configured on windows operating system. For running it on Windows system, one will have to install Python, PIP, Django.

· Linux: All versions of Linux operating system support this project.

· Mac: One can easily configure this project on Mac operating system.

I hope I was able to explain my project through this blog.



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